“Rajnikanth must enter politics” – Rockline Venkatesh

With relentless upheavals appertaining to Box office collection crisis of Lingaa that has been prevailing over weeks, the film’s producer Rockline Venkatesh openly backlashes that such things are deliberate drama to curb down Rajnikanth from entering politics. In his recent interview with a leading National newspaper, he has uttered that the brand Rajnikanth exceeds beyond the usual paradigms and has an inevitable influence in societal panoramas.

“I suspect that distributor Singaravelan who has unceasingly hampered the film’s success with his delinquent talks is a part of this conspiracy to deteriorate Rajnikanth’s image in the forthcoming election polls in 2016,” says Venkatesh who continues to tot up that superstar should enter politics as his intentions have always been to serve the people.