Santhanam turns pious on B’day

200 films and unlimited entertainment letting millions and billions brimming with laughter and dispelling gloom with his acts! Santhanam has garnered enormous response in a short span of time. Striding with witty lines and hilarious onscreen appearance, the superstars and top-league filmmakers ritually wanted him to be a part of their flicks.

Overwhelming with humble gesture to spirituality, the actor recently spent his birthday with a divine pilgrimage to Tiruvannamalai. Offering his prayer of worship, Santhanam philanthropically savored the tastebud of many underprivileged old aged people and poor. The entire ambiance turned to be a festive occasion as many thronged to have a glimpse on their favorite star. Shooting the breeze with fun filled conversations, Santhanam spent more time signing autographs and clicked more photographs as well.