Shankar disappointed with Akshay Kumar’s photo leak

Filmmaker Shankar has been someone among the rarest league of moviemakers, where he makes sure that the characters in his film and their makeovers remain wrapped till the release. He was so much concerned about the security with his film’s shooting spot, especially in Enthiran, I and now 2.0.

But somehow to his disappointments, the exotic look of Akshay Kumar as Scientist Richard was leaked over Twitter and Facebook Pages this week. In fact, the entire country managed to repeatedly tweet these images and they got it on top trends. Now Shankar is so much dashed down with his hopes and is wondering how it happened in spite of heavy security. Well, with Rajnikanth joining the sets of 2.0 by end of this month, the securities should be really bigger and tougher so that nothing gets leaked out on his makeover.