Vijay Opens Up at Kaththi Success Meet

Vijay Opens Up at Kaththi Success Meet

Kaththi, already sets new BO records in the film industry is all set to celebrate with a real success meet. A Quick event happened at Hindustan college in coimbatore with cast and crew of the team including the lead actor Vijay, director Murugadoss, Music composer Anirudh. Vijay opens up about the experiences he had with Kaththi and here the snippet from his speech.

“I am happy to meet you all at the time of success of Kaththi movie.

Kaththi is an important movie in my film career and am very proud that this film talks about the major problem of farmers who are giving food for all.

I have heard about the sufferings of farmers but when I was acting in the film, I realized its magnitude and serious implications. Kaththi helped me understand how many farmers committed suicide, how many of them chose a different occupation leaving farming and how many of them left the country. I am very thankful to Murugadoss who helped me understand this

we heard about a proverb saying, “Instead of giving fish for a hungry person, we have to teach them for fishing” In my view, in addition to teach them we also need to give the fish net so that the poor peoples life will level up.

I like the short and crispy dialogue about communism in the movie. In-spite of saving everything for future, we have to help a little for poor people too.

If there are so many hospitals in a place, then the health condition of the people is not good at that place. If we give debt to many people in a place, then it means there are so many poor people out there. Only by when, giving of freebies are going to be stopped, then only our india will become a developed nation.”