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Yaamirukka Bayamey portrays new genre

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“Why fear when i’m here” is a phrase that erases fear from the mind. Here is a film that is entirely contrast to the earlier phrase. There were horror films, and there were humorous films. But here is a film which can be termed as Humorous horror film. “” will be the first film in this genre says director , an former associate of K.V.Anand.

The producers Elred Kumar and Jayaraman of R.S .Infotainment have gone great heights to ensure the quality of the film literally as the entire film was shot in the lofty mountains of Nainital. of “Kazhugu” fame is back in terrain he is familiar with, and he is paired with the maccayala song girl while  plays a role of substance.

plays a role that gives ample scope for popularity. , the man who by now is being termed as a lucky mascot for proving his midas touch in all the films he had acted in recent times plays an other important role of his life.  The high light of this film would be the introduction of as many as sixteen new technicians. The audio release of “” will happen in the mid of April.

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