Yamirukka bayamey audio and movie release plans

The first of it’s kind film with an absolute new genre of Horror and Humour “” has been receiving great response from the trade circles says the producers and of .

“We are planning to release the theatrical trailer from April 1st. It is sure that the audience will feel the mood of the movie in the trailer and set their minds over H2, as we refer the humour and horror concept. The music launch will happen on 16th April. Our music partner is and we are sure with the combination of Sony’s aggressive marketing, and debutante ’s enthralling music it could top the charts. The music of a student from A.R.Rahman’s school of music had introduced some interesting sounds that will surely capture the imagination of the youth audience. I am sure he will make his school proud with his deeds” they declare in a confident manner.

The film with unique record of introducing sixteen new technicians is nearing completion and is all set to release by May.

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