100 Movie Review

100 Movie Review

100 Movie Review

DirectionSam Anton
WriterSam Anton
ProducerKaviya Mahesh
Hansika Motwani
MusicSam C. S.
CinematographyKrishnan Vasant
EditorPraveen K. L.
Production companyAuraa Cinemas
Running Time141 mins
Release Date10th May 2019

A cop on the run to solve a mission, save an innocent victim and bash down the baddies… It’s a time-worn theory that we have come across over the years. 100 belongs to one such league, which doesn’t surprise you anywhere. Yes, the concept is quite fresh and Sam Anton deserves special mention for this, but there are few drawbacks involved in this thriller drama.

There is a misconception by many filmmakers that half the portions should be spent on things to commercial ingredients as if everyone is dying to see the onscreen romance of Atharvaa and Hansika. Why should they kill the time with blind assumptions saying that they don’t care about rational audiences, but the carefree ones who want Masala flavour. If so, proceed making such movies and not to miss the fact that ‘Gurkha’, which is made by same filmmaker has already generated decent response to the teaser.

The film is about a cop (Atharvaa Murali) who is assigned to attend the calls in control room until he gets a call from a girl in dangerous situation.

Atharvaa looks too young for being a cop and know what? Cop roles aren’t just about wearing uniform that are tailored to their size to show them fit and doing some fast runs a and chases. Hansika Motwani is annoying to see and she looks pretty much aged for this role. Others in the star-cast are okay. Yogi Babu’s comedy tracks and Sam CS’ BGM are the only relief.

There are some twists and turns in the second half, but most of them are likely predictable.

On the whole, 100 has some racy moments in the second half, but if Sam Anton had made the narrative part much more engaging, it would have been a decent fare.