8 Thottakkal Movie Review

8 Thottakal
8 Thottakal
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8 Thottakkal Movie Review

Writer & Director : Sri Ganesh
Producer : M Vellapandiyan
Cast : Vetri, Aparna Balamurali, Nassar, M.S. Bhaskar
Music : Sundaramurthy K S
Cinematography : Dinesh K Babu
Editor : Nagooran
Production company : Big Print Pictures, Vetrivel Saravana Cinemas
Running Time : 145 mins

In the recent times, few low budget films with a blunt intact brilliant writing have been evoking good response. It all started off with the film ‘Dhuruvangal 16’, which continues to now have its realms with movie ‘8 Thottakkal’. Though incomparable on genres, it goes through the same dimension of mystery thriller genre. Sri Ganesh, a former associate of Mysskin comes up with a nitty-gritty thriller that stars debutant Vetri and Malayalam actress Aparna Balamurali in lead roles with important roles played by Nasser and MS Bhaskar.

A film manages to keep us intact and occupied if they are perfect on these two criteria – Gripping Narration and strong characterizations. Over here Sri Ganesh has managed to stick very well to these quotients. There are few moments that involve the episodes of Vetri and Aparna. They look sweet, but they don’t adhere well to the fast-proceeding narration, which looks like a speed breaker. Nevertheless, it would have its appreciation among the ordinary audiences, who aren’t particular about critical analysis.

The plot revolves around protagonist Vetri who after serving sentence at juvenile prison becomes a cop. But unfortunately, the gun with bullets provided by the department goes missing and during this interim, lots of misfortunes happen including a bank robbery and a girl’s life is culminated. Having been suspended from the job, it’s up to Vetri to get back his gun and he gets the help of a police officer (Nasser), who is investigating the bank robbery.

One thing that instantly keeps us engrossed is that director doesn’t tend to slip down anywhere into the fallible zones. Right from the word ‘Go’, we are kept intact that proceeds well with the premise and there is no inclusion of unwanted comedy tracks and songs. In few places as mentioned earlier, the sequences involving Vetri and Aparna might are enjoyable, but look slightly sluggish. MS Bhaskar steals the show with an immense performance and he almost shows up like a parallel hero. Nasser is excellent and Mime Gopi does his job with perfection.

There are few logical quotients missing here and there, but they get diminished with the gripping narration, especially during second half that leads to unexpected twist by the climax.

Overall, 8 Thottakkal is a good attempt and will have its decorous reception among the audiences for a different attempt and engaging screenplay.

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8 Thottakkal Movie Review
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Verdict : Watchable for gripping tale and narration

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