Ayngaran Movie Review

Ayngaran Movie Review

Ayngaran Movie Review

Music director-turned-actor GV Prakash Kumar’s onscreen career has seen a decent spike up with back to back success of Bachelor and Selfie. His latest outing ‘Ayngaran’ directed by Ravi Arasu features Mahima Nambiar in the female lead role.

When an innocent toddler girl is pushed into an pothole by a bunch of miscreants to recover the looted diamonds, a young man (GV Prakash), who has inherited a voraciousness in creating innovative gadgets for the well-being of society and human gets into the picture. However, it’s not as easy as he thought.

Filmmaker Ravi Arasu made his directorial debut through the movie ‘Eeti’, which was indeed a decent stroke. His craftsmanship in creating multiple characters, and linking them with his narrative skills deserves special mention. Earlier, he had proved it with Eeti, and repeats the same formula here.

GV Prakash has neatly performed his role, and he suits the character flawlessly. When it comes to the female lead role, it’s slightly disappointing, why the director had to forcefully involve a heroine, where the character has nothing to do with the play. The movie would have done better even without her portions. Sometimes, the directors have to step out of the stereotypical domain, where the myth that ‘a movie without heroines will not draw family crowds and youngsters’. Mahima Nambiar is a talented actress, but she has 0% significance in this movie. The other actors have done their best.

Technically, there is no prominence for the songs in this movie. To be precise, this movie belongs to a league of nitty-gritty thriller flick, if made with a running length of 90mins. Although we have already seen a plot with similar scenario in Nayanthara’s Aramm, Ayangaran completely differs in its presentation. The film owns an interesting plot, but the extended scenes during the climax, which almost looks unwanted, could have been avoided.

Overall, Ayangaran is a good attempt, and it can be watched for the interesting narration. However, if the director had carefully picked up the essential elements and avoided few factors, it would have been an epitome of excellent movie. For now, it’s a decent one.

Ayngaran Movie Review
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Verdict: The story is promising! If director Ravi Arasu had fine-tuned the screenplay, it would have been more appealing

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