Darling 2 Movie Review

Darling 2 Movie Review

Written & Direction : Sathish Chandrasekaran
Producer : K. E. Gnanavel Raja
Cast : Kalaiyarasan | Rameez Raja | Dr Maya | Kaali Venkat | Hari | Arjunan | Ramdoss
Music : Radhan
Cinematography : Vijay Kartik Kannan
Editor : Madan
Production company : Rite Media Works
Distribution : Studio Green
Running Time : 118 mins

The franchise ‘Darling’ established strong realms in the showbiz with its horror-comedy genre… The film’s producer KE Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green Films believing that the franchise could cash him decent profits picked ‘Jinn’ and renamed it as ‘Darling 2’. The film features Madras fame Kalaiarasan, Madras fame Hari, Kaali Venkat, Munish Kanth and Rameez Raja in lead roles. Debutant Satish Chandrashekar has helmed this project penning script as well.

The film revolves around group of friends – Kalaiarasan, Hari, Kaali Venkat, Arjun and Rameez Raja planning a trip to Walpaarai. They put up their stay at a bungalow amidst the forest and start experiencing the paranormal experiences. Soon they find that the ghost of their deceased friend has haunted Kalaiarasan and what happens next is unfolding the mystery of buried past.

After watching the film, one thing that strikes your mind is that he gives an impression of having watching a short film. If you’re editing the unwanted scenes, which are inappropriate to the film, the running length wouldn’t be more than 40 minutes. Even the dialogues remain amateur and the director should have given some depth of emotions through his writing. The first half of the film hardly has any sequences that literally send you Goosebumps, but instead, they turn out to be a stereotypical one, which doesn’t tickle your funny bones nor chill your spines. The first 5 minutes of the film that comes as a prologue actually raises our expectations, but when you find its justification by the film’s climax, it doesn’t fulfill you anywhere.

When it comes to performance, Kalaiarasan tries to give his best, but unfortunately the characterization offered turns out to be disappointing. Nothing to blame him though, but he fails to impress us and one more disappointing thing is that Madras fame Hari doesn’t get a proper footage. He has been completely wasted in the film and is nowhere closer to his magnum opus ‘Madras’. Others in the cast including Arjun, Kaali Venkat and Munish Kanth fail to offer the laughter riot.

On the technical front, background score is commendable in few places, but it isn’t the best one that you appreciate about. The cinematography is quite appreciable in few places.

Filmmaker Satish has picked a plot, which is completely an unparalleled one that we haven’t seen or heard so far. But if he had pulled up more efforts into the screenplay, offering some interesting twists and spine-chilling effects, Darling 2 would have outperformed ‘Darling’ itself.