Irumbu Thirai Music Review

Irumbu Thirai Music Review
Irumbu Thirai Music Review

Irumbu Thirai Music Review

Yuvan always try few new journals in his album, that anyway have usual yuvan magic mix in it. Lets see what Irumbu Thirai offer us!

1. Mudhal Murai
Singer : Jithin Raj
Lyrics : Vivek

A solo male melody number. Nadhaswaram portions and interlude music are the main attraction to this song, other portions falls flat and feels like without any ups and downs. All the interlude tunes repeats itself at the end and that sounds great with rhythm! Flawless subtle voice without much scope in this song!

2. Yaar Ivan
Singer : Kaber Vasuki
Lyrics : Kaber Vasuki

An experimental mix in vocals along with a prolonged Yaar ivan rhythm gives a better theme feeling. Track becomes more dialogue driven kind with very run-of-the-mill lyrics. EDM mix at an interlude sounds great.

3. Athiradi
Singer : Naveen
Lyrics : Vivek

A mass background song for a hero with electronic pad music and energetic voice. Lyrics are high note about the heroism and a bit of voice over in the middle is good! Whole song traverses in a steady manner and the montage of investigative videos already flashing in our minds!

4. Angry Bird
Singer : Jithin Raj
Lyrics : Vignesh Shivn

A quirky song for hero running behind a girl. A short and simple song with lyrics are like how we explain about ourself to a friend about our lady love interst!

5. Azhage
Singer : Arun Kamath, Jonita Gandhi
Lyrics : Vivek

Breezy duet melody in yuvan style. Nothing great but yet it mesmarises us and takes to a dream world. Complete song maintains the same level and vocals too mild enough for soothing music.

Pick of the Album : Azhage

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Another routine decent album from Yuvan’s experiment!