Ivanukku Thanila Gandam Song Review

The trio – Prasanna A Seven, sharan and Delip debuts in Ivanuku Thannila Kandam and here is our take Ivanukku Thanila Gandam Songs. With a very good experiment and concepts this trio has garnered good attention.

1. Mappilla Mappilla
Singers : Vijay Yesudas, Sooraj
Lyrics : Yugabharathi

Beginning with a band music and jingles gives a celebration feel and the lyrics which says about the marriage occassion lends the needed theme of the song. Vijay vocals adds flavours to the song. On the whole a galatta song which will sure get a place in marriage halls.

2. Epavumey Vathadhuda
Singers : Gana Bala
Lyrics : Gana Bala

A gana song from Gana Bala. Bala steals the show as usual with his witty lyrics and unique voice. Drum beats and guitar tunes at the interlude, a rhythmic one to hear.

3. Love Vandha
Singers : Harihara Sudhan
Lyrics : Yugabharathi

A slow gana kind song with same tune from start to end with little variation then and there. Bit music were inserted then and there throughout the song based on the rhythm of the tune is nice.

4. Yaarada
Singers : Andrea Jeremiah
Lyrics : Kannan & A7

A fast beat western song with keyboard and saxophone beats each other and used well for the entire song. Andrea rocks with her vocals in fast portions with her ups and downs magics. Only song from the album completly different where others are on the same line.

5. The Po Mashup
Singers : Gana Bala, Mc Sai, A7
Lyrics : Mc SAi, Snigdha Chandra

A mashup song from gana bala for epavumey original song. A different treatment to hear the bala voice in western beats. Music and voice travel in a roller coaster ride and make us to shake our heads. Very good experiment for a gana song mashup concept.