Lakshmi Movie Review

Lakshmi Movie Review
Lakshmi Movie Review
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Lakshmi Movie Review

Story, Written & Direction : A. L. Vijay
Producer : Prateek Chakravorty | Shruti Nallappa | R. Ravindran
Cast : Prabhu Deva | Ditya Bhande | Aishwarya Rajesh
Music : Sam C. S.
Cinematography : Nirav Shah
Editor : Anthony
Production company : Pramod Films | Trident Arts
Release date : 24 August 2018
Running time : 130 minutes

So much of predictions and assumptions brim us up and most of them are predominantly right when it to comes judging ‘Lakshmi’. Perhaps, this might be a confinement to just miniscule groups. Guess what? Many from the rural and sub-urban backdrops might have been perfect followers of ABCD and Step Up franchise isn’t it? This should have been the foremost though of producers and of course, Prabhu Deva-Vijay as well.

Lakshmi Movie Review
Lakshmi Movie Review

Throughout the show, you’re simply kept in passable mode for neither you get bored nor irked.

The highlighting factor is that we know what’s going to happen next and yet, things don’t push you to restlessness. The earnest reason being the dance is what keeps us engrossed. Even the performance of Ditya might be felt below the under graph one, but then when she gets ready to enthrall us with her dance, she unconditionally wins our favour.

In what aspect, did director Vijay sign up for Aishwarya Rajesh? She is a great dancer and was it a trick for getting it in IMDB trivia that an actress with proficient dancing didn’t have a chance to shake her legs in this film. Prabhu Deva’s screen presence needs no analysis and he is the best as before. The hilarious episodes don’t work to a greater extent, but they are okay in few places. The surprise element placed by the latter hour is the only convincing point alongside the dancing episodes.

Lakshmi Movie Review

The musical score by Sam CS isn’t on its top graph as in his erstwhile movies.

Nirav Shah is a huge reason behind keeps us engrossed with his visuals.When it comes to overall analysis, Lakshmi is a movie of predictions and not so-engaging one. But it will have its spell for dance episodes and the way kids give in their best shots.

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Not an exciting one, but has its own way to keep you in