Magalir Mattum Music Review

Magalir Mattum Music Review

From the makers of good quality decorous entertainers – 2D Entertainment comes ‘Magalir Mattum’, which stars Jyotika in lead role alongside Saranya Ponvannan, Oorvasi and Bhanupriya in lead roles. Ghibran, who is far-famed for coming up with different and unique tunes in all his albums has composed music for this movie.

Adi Vaadi Thimira
Singer: Gold Devaraj
Lyricist: Uma Devi

This song has already become a hit among the urban audiences for its mix of good vocalizing elements and strong metal elements in the rhythmic accompaniments. The intonating ability of Gold Devaraj turns to be the highlighting trait of this number. When it comes to musical components, it’s Ghibran making a splendid one with the sound mixing.

Ghandhari Yaaro
Singers: Padmalatha, Anurag Kulkarni
Lyrics: Thamarai

The song has some attraction that instantly imbibes into its musical spell albeit the fast paced Qawali time one. It suddenly shifts into the classical mode, but the singers are on the peak of their high pitch vocalism. Nevertheless, for the second or third time, you repeat the song, it becomes your favourite one.

Gubu Gubu Gubu
Singers: Karthi, Ghibran
Lyrics: Vivek

It’s a neat presentation by Ghibran, where the musical accompaniments strongly support the rendition of Karthi. In fact, although we have heard Karthi crooning some songs, this one seems to be very much appealing. Thanks to the sound engineers, who have very well utilized his voice and the lyrical lines by Vivek are invigorating in places.

Bullet Song (Dam Mast Qalandar)
Singers: Yazin Nizar, Chennai Qawwali Kids, Ghibran

When compared to other songs in the album, this one carries a different genre and the treatment too is completely different. It looks like Ghibran favours his close to heart genre of Qawali by bringing in the singers to croon this number.

Carratu Pottazhagaa
Singers: Namitha, Oorvashi, Ghibran, Gold Devaraj
Lyrics: Bramma

The next three songs including this one is almost like watch the multiple versions of Malayalam movie Oru Muthassi Gatha, where the three middle aged ladies render a short song about their first love and how it flunked. This one is about the story of Oorvasi and she croons ti along with Namitha, Ghibran and Gold Devaraj. Quite a funny one that is very narrated through pictures in lyrical video.

Time Passukkosaram 
: Saranya Ponvannan, Padmalatha
Lyrics: Bramma

This one is the nostalgic number of Saranya Ponvannan as she sings about her first love. The lines are so simple that narrates how she fell in love with that Typewriter master. The running length of the song is shorter in duration and Bramma has come up with simple lyrics.

Karu Karunnu
Vocals: Bhanupriya, Namitha Babu, Gold Devaraj
Lyrics : Bramma

When compared to other two songs from the perspective of Oorvasi and Saranya Ponvannan, this one again written by Bramma about the first love of Bhanupriya character in this movie is slightly different. It starts off well with the funny note much alike the other two numbers, but ends up with a tragic touch.

Magalir Mattum Theme

The album comes to an end with the theme music of Magalir Mattum, where Ghibran blends up with the flute and fortepianos. The amalgamation that comes up with the score of Nathaswaram is much appealing.

On the whole, ‘Magalir Mattum’ carries up an intriguing element of musical essence from Ghibran, where there is a mix of emotions, fun and more inspiring theme of musical spell out here. Some of them instantly make you fall in love and others almost narrate us the story of what this film could be all about.