Mapla Singam Movie Review

Mapla Singam Movie Review

Director : Rajasekhar
Producer : P.Madhan
Writter : Don Ashok
Cast : Vimal | Anjali | Soori
Music : N. R. Raghunanthan
Cinematography : V.S. Tharun Balaji
Editor : Vivek Harshan
Production company : Escape Artists Motion Pictures
Running Time : 131 minutes

It looks like Vimal is synonymously getting settled with comfort compatibility when it comes to rural based entertainers. In fact, some of his hits like Kalavani and Desingu Raja have proved to be such illustrations. Filmmaker Rajasekhar has seemingly opted Vimal with such beliefs that a comedy caper in rural backdrops with Vimal and Soori combination would work out best results. Anjali teams up with Vimal for the third time after Thoonga Nagaram and Kalakalappu. Radharavi, Soori, Kaali Venkat, Jayaprakash and Ramdoss are the others in the star-cast.

It’s a hackneyed plot, where we see Vimal and Anjali belong to the families of different village cohorts that has been clashing with feuds for decades over the petty issues of egos and prestige. On an unexpected turn, their siblings fall in love and decide to get married, which turns the situations intensely complicated. Furthermore, Vimal and Anjali fall for each other, but situations impose the threat to their relationships.

The dramatic events as cited in the synopsis look time worn for we have seen many of such tales in limitless numbers. Rajasekhar has tried appealing to the universal audiences with the treatment of tickling funny bones. Well, it works out in certain places with the combination of Vimal, Soori and Kaali Venkat. On the other end, Munishkanth (a) Ramdoss tries to evoke laughter too and Lollu Sabha Swaminathan adds up to this quotient. In spite of having some light humor elements, the film actually lacks substantiality in screenplay.

Vimal gives an effortless performance and sticks to this role just like tailor-made. Anjali too is offered a similar role of Tomboyish shade as in her erstwhile movies. Soori always shares a good rapport with actors like Vimal and Sivakarthikeyan and in all likelihood, this one proves more illustrating of this. Radharavi is at his best. Jayaprakash appears in few portions and has nothing much to deliver.

The first half is lively in parts and as the story proceeds to second hour, it slows down the pace, but it’s fine to see the comedy portions often spread out.

On the whole, Mappillai Singam is a mindless entertainer that could somewhat click among the audiences at sub-urban and rural areas.

Mapla Singam Movie Review
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Verdict: Might click among rural audiences

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