Metro Movie Review

Metro Review
Metro Review

Artists: Shirish, Bobby Simha, Sendrayan
Producers : Jaya Krishnan, Anandakrishnan
Director : Ananda Krishnan
Music : Johan
DoP : N. S. Uthaya Kumar
Editor : M. Ramesh Baarathi
Production House : E5 Entertainments, Metro Productions
Running Time: 119 minutes

Very often we have seen many movies set against the Chennai backdrops, which are told to be gruesome raw and rustic themes. In the name gangsters and underworld, we have been offered with lots of such crime noirs, which sometimes would look artificial and not so coherent to the Chennaites. But here is ‘Metro’, which deals with the appalling situation that has been prevalent across the lanes of Chennai and not just confined to a territory. Filmmaker Anand Krishnan, a filmmaker who made his debut with a film titled ‘Aal’, a remake of critically acclaimed ‘Aamir’ takes his route towards the dark laden Chennai.

What instantly strikes us to the core, especially the ones belonging to the Metropolitan dwellers as they would relate with the characters and incidents. The film traverses through the mission of Sirish, a journalist who kidnaps a roughneck involved in the chain snatching and unceasingly tortures him. His mission is to find the complete network of underworld that has been executing the chain snatching, which has ruined many lives, especially women. During a turn of event, we are exposed to a gruesome truth that his very own mother (Tulasi) was one such victim, who was killed during the incident and what hurts more is to find that his very younger brother (Sathya) was involved in this act.

Although the basic premise of this film looks so amateurish of a person’s life devastated by the same family member, the treatment has been done with perfection. As on first take of analysis, the ones who deserve topmost appreciations are none other than cinematographer Johan and background score by Udhaya Kumar. They carve a unique ground as a great support to the narrative effort of Anand Krishnan. But again, what turns out to be more on the flip side is that Anand Krishnan should completely made it as a realistic movie, but on contrary tries to jump into commercial aspects by boosting up heroisms. Moreover, some of the characterizations remain so much vague and except few like Bobby Simha, Sendrayan, others look doubtful and unconfident about their acts… This is a kind of film that not many filmmakers would opt to pick up as their priority choice, but Anand Krishnan should made it yet more appealing, but anyways it is definitely a different attempt and deserves special mention.

Metro Movie Review
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Metro : A Blatant realism which could have been more intact.

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