Miruthan Movie Review

Miruthan Movie Review

Direction : Shakti Soundar Rajan
Producer : S. Michael Rayappan | M. Seraphin
Cast : Jayam Ravi | Lakshmi Menon
Music : D. Imman
Cinematography : S. Venkatesh
Editor : K. J. Venkat Ramanan
Production company : Global Infotainment
Distribution : Ayngaran International
Running time : 106 mins

With strong belief that Tamil audiences would surely accept a newfangled genre, Sakthi Soundar Rajan had offered a different film ‘Naaigal Jaakirathai’, which garnered decent results. Brimming up with same beliefs, the auteur comes up with yet more different concept in his third outing titled ‘Miruthan’. The film is produced by Michael Rayappan with Jayam Ravi and Lakshmi Menon playing the lead roles with Kaali Venkat, Amit, RNR Manohar, Baby Anikha, Sriman and few others included in the star-cast.

Right few seconds before the title credit occurs, Sakthi Soundar Rajan offers a crisp prologue of what this film is going to be all about. A stray dog drinks stagnated water with poisonous chemical carelessly leaked out during process and later it becomes the element to spread a dangerous virus, where humans turn Zombies. On the other side of Ooty, we find Jayam Ravi leading an ordinary life as a traffic police along with his pal (Kaali Venkat). His younger sister (Baby Anikha) means everything to him and Ravi has fallen in love with a beautiful girl (Lakshmi Menon), a doctor and later has his heart broken to know that she is already engaged to a proficient doctor Navin (Amit). But sooner, all these characters come together when the deadly Zombies across the towns and cities haunt them as preys.

An interesting plot to handle and Sakthi Soundar Rajan has delivered it with right punch of emotions and technical attributes.

The first half is loaded with raciness that you don’t feel like an hour has passed by and by the second half, which is just 45 minutes, we are left with unlimited gun shots and instead director could have reduced them replacing it with emotions. The unwanted hilarious tracks by RNR Manohar start boring you by latter part and inclusion of Sriman is completely unwanted. Moreover, doctors easily finding anti-biotic solution for the virus look amateurish and ridiculous.

Moreover, what we need to appreciate is the spellbinding performance of Jayam Ravi, who gives his best in action sequences and emotional impact too. Lakshmi Menon does nothing other than having her voice for unwanted dialogues. Baby Anikha is cute and plays her role efficiently. Others in the cast like RNR Manohar and Kaali Venkat along with Sriman are completely meant for adding up humour, which works out in places.

One more appreciable fact about the film is that the Zombies makeover sans CG works, which is really incredible.

The hard work of makeup artists is so much evident thoroughly. The running length of 106 minutes plays a safe scorer for the film and the open ending justifies the climax too, where audiences can happily walk out to see what happens in Miruthan 2.

On the flip side, lots and lots of gun shots could cause Migraines and restlessness among certain cohorts, but Miruthan deserves a watch once for the cherry pick of an unusual theme and strong technical details.

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Verdict: Tremendous effort overloaded with gunshots, bloodshed and gory violence

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