Nenjuku Needhi Movie Review

Nenjuku Needhi Movie Review

Nenjuku Needhi Movie Review

Few years ago, Ayushman Khuranna, the only bankable star and hope of Bollywood for the next few decades drew even the non-Hindi speaking audiences to the theaters. The reason was his volatile performance in the movie ‘Article 15’, where his characterization was so much intense, and was a reflection of billions in the country. Udhayanidhi Stalin was felt to be the right choice when the official word of its Tamil remakes ‘Nenjukku Needhi’ was announced. The film directed by Arunraja Kamaraj and produced by Boney Kapoor. Let’s check out how well the movie performs.

Set against the backdrops of a rural village in Pollachi, We see a newly appointed ASP Vijaya Raghavan (Udhayanidhi Stalin) arriving into the crime scene to investigate the brutal rape and murder of two girls, and a missing girl. He soon discovers that the entire land is dominated by evil custom of egoistic caste issues, where the underprivileged are deprived and treated cruelly. What unfolds next is his unceasing attempt to break open the mystery behind the disappearance of a girl, and bring open the justice.

Before appreciating the entire team, we need to congratulate the brilliant writers, who crafted the original version ‘Article 15’. It’s such an amazing piece of work, which made every single audience, so much compulsively inclined to it. This has made the job easier for the crew of Tamil remake. With a clear sketch of characters, the actor have executed their performances with so much involvement. But what makes Arunraja Kamaraj noticeable is way in composing the shots, presenting the dialogues, and making style. It would have been better if Aari’s role had a neat completion rather than culminating it in a stereotypical method. A revolutionary needn’t always face such a disastrous ending. Udhayanidhi has delivered a natural performance. Tanya Ravichandran doesn’t appear much throughout the film, but has done her portions neatly. Shivani has given a very good performance. Suresh Chakravarthy is the showstopper as he adds more intensity to his characterization.

When it comes to technical aspects, both cinematography and background score turns to be the absolute enhancers of this movie.

Overall, Nenjukku Needhi is a commendable effort by the entire team, and it deserves a watch.

Nenjuku Needhi Movie Review
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Verdict: Does complete justice to the original remake! Kudos to Arunraja Kamaraj, performers and technicians for their earnest efforts!!!

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