Oru Naal Koothu Movie Review

Oru Naal Koothu Movie Review
Oru Naal Koothu Movie Review

Direction & Writer : Nelson
Producer : J. Selvakumar
Cast : Dinesh | Mia George | Nivetha Pethuraj
Music : Justin Prabhakaran
Cinematography : Gokul
Editor : V J Sabu Joseph
Production company : Kenanya Films
Running Time : 134 mins

Marriages – Name the word and we are bound to lots and lots of fascinating quotes that talk about the union of soul and body. Perhaps, certain things are lovely on post cards and greetings, but in reality, it’s not just about the celebrations, but the crisis that comes packaged with. Such is an illustrative fact that everyone would have come across when their own marriages are set to happen or at least the ones in their families. Filmmaker Nelson Venkatesan has tried to pick it up and somewhere in his interviews claimed that a stark inspirations from real life encounters beneath this tale crafting.

A sort of reality imposed upon characters, where certain dramatic events and maybe the climax too look odd for many groups in cinema halls. Reality on screens might not be a piece that everyone seeks and they look up for the ones that gratify the conscience. But Nelson Venkatesan remains uncompromised over this aspect. When we’ve seen many guys chasing and pleading girls to marry them, there could be certain instances of a girl trying to get her man’s approval for marriage. But as you watch Riythvika do so, there seems to be a sort of disagreement, but yes, it happens in life, perhaps not known to all in the neighborhood. Amongst all the characterizations, it’s Mia George who inhales the role of a desolated girl. You could have seen such ones around you. They are beautiful, so genuine, good natured and well educated, but their marriage proposals keep delayed. Then, there is Nivetha, an IT employee who hails from a rich sophisticated white collared family in love with the inferior complex bound Attakathi Dinesh. Perhaps, their tale is something inspired from the urban backdrops and it might be a miniscule reflection, but not a favourite episode for all to seem part away. And then, there is Karunakaran, the anxious brother in desperate mode to get his younger sister Riythvika married. His emotions and earnest works to get her settled is an unspoken replica of many out there in our own streets. With the characterizations and drama, Nelson has made it justified, though the trailer and songs would have given a clear impact that it’s all about ‘Marriage’ and ‘Celebrations’.

On the flip side, there isn’t much that you could keep it pondering up, but certain episodes, particularly the one with Riythvika could have been trimmed and made yet more finer. Justin’s musical score in background applies more impact for the emotions of actors and Gokul’s cinematography as well.

Having picked handful of characters, the film tries to traverse through their lives, which face their own issues of inner and external conflicts. Oru Naal Koothu could be given a casual try to just spend some quality time of relaxation. Yes, it offers good engagement in parts with promising performance of actors that eclipse the minute diminishments in screenplay.

Oru Naal Koothu Movie Review
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Oru Naal Koothu – Casually written tale of reality on marriages and relationships

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