Raavana Kottam Movie Review

Raavana Kottam Movie Review

Raavana Kottam Movie Review

Brief story outline: There is a village in the district of Ramanathapuram where two sections of the village people get into trouble disturbing the peace of life mainly because certain bureaucrats play politics in the place.

The movie belongs to the socio-political cadre following a certain pattern and revolves around the conflicts between 2 sections of the people. Some of them demanding justice and others about the impact of the happenings without any bias.

Caste politics is the background of the film Ravanakoottam but with a marked failure to understand the issue of case politics. The movie also concerns other issues such as corporate media, water scarcity, local politics and more.

Actor Shanthanu acts as Sengu, the son of Chandrabose (actor Prabhu) who happens to be one of the most respected individuals in the village. This village is divided into 2 parts – known as ‘melters’ and ‘’keezhtheru’. The general observation of the village is that both sections are equal and they have to co-exist peacefully. Sengu loves Anandhi and this creates trouble between 2 youngsters – Sengu of Melthru and Madhi of Keezhtheru. This intensifies and the whole village burns and endures the loss of several lives. The movie ends with a note that how the gullible village people are being exploited by politicians who are entirely for their benefit.

The movie does not go in-depth to depict the conflict but presents the issues just superficially without any impact. It dwells on the egos and biases of the particular section of the people in the village. The movie could have been better if the presentation had taken the stand of explaining the exploitation by certain people. Instead, it deviates by presenting certain issues which are not related to the main issue.

As such, the main theme, the central conflict is not presented with due impact. One of the characters is presented as rather dumb believing anything told especially by the evil lot. A more focused presentation of the main conflict would have done justice and the film would have been better.

The landscape of the Ramanathapuram district has been presented very nicely and certain sequences in the second half of the film are worth a watch.

As regards acting, Shanthanu has acted well! He carries the film on his shoulders! But, the incoherent presentation of the sequences does not engage the viewers!

As regards technical aspects, they are up to the mark. As regards the performance of Anandhi, who played the heroine, she has done rather well by reminding one of her performance in ‘Pariyerum Perumal’.

To summarize, the film has no impact and lacks depth in presentation and the narrative is not impactful enough.

Raavana Kottam Movie Review
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A passable show that could have been better with a fine-tuned screenwriting

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