Sinam Movie Review

Sinam Movie Review

Sinam Movie Review

National award-winning filmmaker GNR Kumaravelan directorial ‘Sinam’ features Arun Vijay and Pallak Lalwani in the lead characters. The film is an intense investigation crime-thriller with Shabir composing music.

A sincere and honest police officer Paari (Arun Vijay) is shattered by the mysterious murder of his wife Madhangi (Pallak Lalwani), which leaves him infuriated. The rest of the movie is all about Paari embarking on the investigations to find the culprits behind her death.

‘Sinam’ as the title suggests has it written all over the characterization of Arun Vijay. It is very much evident from the introduction scene of the actor, where he can’t accept the injustice or any kind of social evil. The actor has exerted his complete involvement towards the project. Of course, he is natural and outstanding when it comes to flexing his muscles, and his fans have a decent number of action sequences to get enthralled, which are choreographed by Stunt Silva with naturalness. Pallak Lalwani shows her dedication to her character. Although, her portions end up halfway through the movie, her presence can be felt in many places. Much like in Gargi, Kaali Venkat steps out of his hilarious domain and gives an emotional spell out here. The other characters too have done their portions well.

On the technical aspect, musical score by Shabir adds more intensity to the film. He retains the whistling sound as the signature of Paari throughout the movie, which needs special mention. Cinematography and editing are done neatly.

On the flip side, the conflict actually occurs few minutes prior to the intermission. Well, this might not look like a blunder, but it would have enhanced the intensity of thriller, if it was placed little earlier. Since the film has potential to emotionally connect with the audiences, this might hamper the progression of film’s narration.

Overall, Sinam is a decent work from filmmaker GNR Kumaravelan, who delivers an impressive show. The movie starts on a dramatic note, and later builds up the intensity with gripping second half and a strong message at end.

Sinam Movie Review
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Verdict: Intense and Gripping in many parts

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