Sixer Movie Review

Sixer Movie Review
Sixer Movie Review
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Sixer Movie Review

Written byChachi
ProducerR. Dinesh Kannan
CastVaibhav Reddy
Pallak Lalwani
Radha Ravi
MusicM. Ghibran
CinematographyP.G. Muthiah
Production companyTrident Arts
Wallmate Entertainment
Running Time141 mins

Vaibhav’s Sixer had created a blend of positive and inquisitive approach towards it. The first and foremost attractive factor was the first look posters followed by the visual promos. Naturally, the films that reveal the plot prior to its release always have a special challenge for it’s all about how engaging the film is going to be. In this aspect, debut filmmaker Chachi and producers of Wallmate Entertainment deserve special mention. Yes, the film’s protagonist Aadhi (Vaibhav) is a man with night blindness, where his vision is blurred completely after 6 p.m. A beautiful girl (Pallak Lalwani) falls in love with him and even the marriage is fixed. Maybe, Goundamani’s character was a portion in the seriously crafted tale of ‘Chinna Thambi’, but here it becomes almost like a spin-off character. How he manages to survive the situation or does his blunders and drawbacks get revealed form crux of the story.

Let’s start with certain positives that become easily noticeable in Sixer. Debut filmmaker Chachi will definitely get celebrated in the near future for the earnest reason that he has crafted and presented a good laughter riot. It’s been a long time, audiences got to experience fun at full stretch. Secondly, Vaibhav has improvised a lot with his performance and looks so much appropriate for this role and this assures that his upcoming films like Taana, RK Nagar and Kaatteri will definitely be a worth watchable ones. His body language is very much noticeable and he deserves special mention for that. What comes next as a major attraction is substantiality of each and every character. Be it Vijay TV Ramar or Radharavi, Satish or Ilavarasu, they’re very well portrayed and have done a good job. Moreover , they spark off humour at the right levels.

The second half slightly looks little dragged, where the protagonist’s attempt to hide his problem looks repeated, which could have been utilized by having more characters for the same play. On the other hand, while we tend to assume that the engagement-to-wedding drama is going to be the climax, we are diverted towards the stereotypical action block. If Chachi had tried modifying them, it would have got its graph escalated tremendously.

For now, Sixer remains appreciable for the witty lines and humorous drama, especially for the catchy characters and Chachi’s sense of humour.

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Sixer Movie Review
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Verdict: With Sixer, Director Chachi gives confidence that he is likely to bring back the ‘Comedy’ genre in full mode with his futuristic films

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