Thirudan Police Movie Review

Thirudan Police Movie Review

Cast: Aishwarya, Bala Saravanan, Dinesh, John Vijay, Naan Kadavul Rajendran, Nitin Satya
Story, Direction, Screenplay : Caarthick Raju
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Editing : Praveen
Production : S.P.Charan, J Selvakumar

Sentiment and comedy are the tracks where our people will get indulged deeply in whatever the movie says about and the debutant director Caarthick Raju gets our most audience pulses and comes up with a film not as a usual sentiment/comedy but as a flip flop of both at most scenes. Its upto the people on how they take it up whether as a laugh riot of centiments or as a complete mess of powerful centiments by injecting comedy in it.

A cop story. Don’t expect a powerful police force with a crime theme or a nail biting thriller when saying as a cop theme. This is a kind of “Sirippu police” with some engaging scenes and usual revenge backdrop of a son who in turn take the mission against the villain who killed his father.

Dinesh, there are lot of scope to perform in this story as a angry cop, romance, comedy, revenge, but he failed to show the variety and always the same expression like the characterization in his previous film cuckoo. Even at the romance portions, his stiffness not worked out. Though he scores in few comedy portions, yet the negative overwhelms the rest. Iyshwarya, usual role of break portions like advertisement in a serial yet she is pleasant in looks. Lead pairs temple scene, beautiful.

‘Naan Kadavul’ Rajendran occupies most of the portions and his lady getup & his pair with John Vijay an ultimate comedy. when he get shock for balding his head, climax scenes were laugh riot. Bala who comes along with Dinesh scenes scores well too.

Yuvan, another strong pillar after comedy portions in the film. Songs and BGM are convincing on the whole and BGM specially at the encounter scenes. Dialogues are also a major plus but if you give too much of it of whatever, it will be valueless and it happens in this film.

A regular father son relationship which we have seen in most of the Tamil films, could have been better if some talkie portions there between them at least to create an impact. Showcasing the reality in constables career is bold one in the initial sequences and film picks up speed with fake encounter and on expecting a racy follow-up, there comes a disappointment and films takes a different route. Though comedy worked out in most scenes, making a fun of serious sentiment portions repeatedly, at one point you get irritated and on adding to that, the lengthy climax. Bala speaks the mind voice of audience while watching a sentiment scene may be a good reality attempt but how many times?

To make audience cool down, photos rolled out with father at the ending credits great to see but nobody to watch that as already most of them walked out.

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Thirudan Police : A movie to make comedy out of sentiment

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