Tube Light Tamil Movie Review

Tube Light Tamil Movie Review

Story, Screenplay & Director :Indra
Cast : Indra, Adithi, Pandiarajan
Music : Indra
Cinematography : G.Sridhar
Editor : C.S. Prem
Production company : Ostrich Films
Running Time : 113 mins

Filmmaker Indra makes his debut directorial with this film ‘Tube Light’, which has additional departments handled by him – Story, Dialogues, Music and he plays the lead role as well. In the recent times, certain small budget movies with good and exceptional contents have been constantly gaining everyone’s interest and it looks like Indra had crafted this story with the same belief that it would have its appeal. Let us check out how the film has worked out.

The tale opens with a youngster (Indra) cheating a man for money dressed up like a girl. On his way back home is hit by an accident. As a result, his hearing power is affected and he starts hearing certain words only few seconds after others say it. Unable to go through such hurdles, he decides to undergo the treatment of ‘Art Therapy’, where he comes across a beautiful doctor Aditi. As the course of treatment proceeds, both of them fall in love and when they are about to profess it, some of the strangers kidnap her. Will Indra be able to save her? Who are these strangers behind the kidnap and what’s their need? Will Indra get back his hearing abilities perfectly? All these answers get unveiled by the remaining portion of the film.

As mentioned earlier, Indra gets to score brownie points as a director and writer by coming up with a newfangled theme that many hadn’t attempted before. The basic premise of this story itself is convincing. The complete first hour travels with fun filled drama and with decent engagement, but with the post-intermission, there are few complication situations, where hilarious moments get eclipsed and audiences slightly might get bored up. Moreover, Indra could have crafted yet more engaging screenplay with gripping scenes, which would have definitely added up Midas-Touch to the film.

As on with the performance, it’s a naturalistic show by everyone in the cast, especially director Indra who plays the lead role without exaggerating anywhere. Aditi too has her nuance spell and Pandiya Rajan gives his unique humorous show here.

While the basic premise of the story and first half travels turn to be the major plus, if the screenplay, especially during second half was neatly made engaging, the overall experience would have been at its best.