Uttama Villain Movie Review

Cast : Kamal Haasan, Jayaram, Andrea Jeremiah, Pooja Kumar, Nassar, Parvathi, Parvathy Nair, Urvashi, K. Viswanath and K. Balachander
Editing : Vijay Shankar
Music : M. Ghibran
Cinematography : Shamdat
Written : Kamal Haasan
Direction : Ramesh Aravind
Production : Thirrupathi Brothers, Raaj Kamal Films International
Distribution : Eros International

Story of a super actor, his love life and whats his plan to contribute to the cinema before he dies; How he convince his guru/great director to make a film in their combination; what happens to their 18th century drama film and does the actor survives at the end is the story of this Uthama Villain.

Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan yet again delivers his 100% performance. Its an one man show. Kamal has lived as both Uthaman and Mano Ranjan. Introduction song dance was awesome, couldn’t believe he is 60 years old. Either in romance or sentiment, he is on the top notch. Its a treat to watch this great actor’s performance. Hats off.

Legend K.Balachander delivers his career best performance. The scenes involving Kamal and KB are crafted really well. We can relate the plot easily with KB sir. Film is a perfect tribute to KB Sir. Nasser is another actor who is capable of doing any kind of role. He gets full marks in this film.18th century drama relies completely on Nasser’s performance and he did full justice.

Lot of lovely ladies in the film. Pooka Kumar, Andrea, Parvathy Menon, Parvathy Nair and Oorvasi.Though Parvathy Menon gets couple of scenes, her acting is better than all others. To the next is Oorvasi’s acting, esp in the hospital scene. Pooja Kumar’s performance is just okay while Andrea did a good job.

M.S.Bhaskar and K. Vishwanath’s characterization is sketched well. M.S.Bhaskar gets a meaty role and he didn’t miss the chance. The scene where he reads the letter to Kamal is epic. Jayaram doesn’t have much scope to perform. Ghibran does a cameo role. The guy who acted as Kamal’s son has also given a neat performance.

Technically the movie is very good. Gibran’s beautiful music, 18th century scenes gets more lively because of his superb music. In the real story, there is only minimal use of BGM.Songs are not catchy though.Kudos for the Oscar winner Craig Mann for the sound mixing. Sham dat’s Cinematography is perfect for both current as well as 18th century story.Editing is just fine.

Script is written by Kamal Haasan. Dialogues need a special applause. Wonderful timing dialogues.His research on the content is visible on the screen.

Directed by Ramesh Aravind; film is going to be a memorable one for him. Good direction in both current and 18th century portions. The 18th century drama narration is very lengthy and dragging with less comedy.

Lot of clap worthy scenes are there in the film. To be more precise, the intro scene of Parvathy’s conversation with Kamal, conversation between Kamal and KB at KB’s house, M.S Bhaskar and Kamal conversation reg the letters, Kamal and Oorvasi conversation at the hospital, Kamal and Jayaram conversation reg his lady love and daughter etc.

Only drawback of the film is the narration of the 18th century drama portions. Film is a complete performance oriented one. First half is good while Second half feels more draggy. Perfect climax with ‘Iraniyan Naadagam’ stays in mind. Screenplay could have been more interesting. Overall Uthamavillain is a different attempt from Ka amal Haasan

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Uttama Villain – A tribute to K Balachander

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