Vaalu Movie Review

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Vaalu Movie Review

Written, Screenplay & Direction : Vijay Chander
Cast : | Motwani |
Music :
Cinematography : Shakthi
Editing : T. S. Suresh
Production company : NIC Arts
Distribution :

3 years is the most used tag that got closer with ’s Vaalu. Something unusual happened with Vaalu, where media and public glare wasn’t curious about what the film is all about, but instead showed up inevitable peep into off-screen Vaalu drama. Lots of controversies, dramas and more surprises happened during this phase and that’s how everything comes to conclusion with the big release of Vaalu hitting screens today.

The gist is so simple and you might wonder after watching the film, what does the story actually contain.

A boy falls in love with a girl, wants to win her heart and finally gets it. Ever heard of such a simplistic synopsis and that defines Vaalu. But there is something special you would a take note on ’s matured performance. He might not be appearing in an unconventional role or perform something unusual. He is the same old jovial lover boy, but has tried enhancing his acting arena with some elegance. Some of the scenes in this film might be reminding you of his previous films. Be it romantic episodes or the mass appeal, but he has tried employing a maturity into them. This makes him more loveable on the screens much more than before.

as STR’s sidekick has always been an icing of cake to the films and with VTV Ganesh joining them becomes a perfect humour package. This trio keeps evoking laughter throughout the show. Especially, never misses to shoot up the laughter therapy as and when needed. Motwani has some differentiated looks for some of the portions were shot before couple of years and now some pending portions. Newcomer Aditya appearing in grey shaded role retains his image in our mind even after the show. Aadukalam Narain playing the role of STR’s father has done a fabulous job. Usually STR movies don’t carry so much of father-son emotions, but this time it’s additional inclusion that would instantly impress all.

When it comes to technical department, has emphasized the best things that would satisfy STR fans. The fast beat and cool peppy numbers bring in the excited celebrations among fans. Not to miss Thaaru Maaru song that turns cinema halls into crazy party zones. Both cinematographer and editor create an appealing mass impact for stunts and the songs are beautifully produced as well.

Maybe, as mentioned earlier, few might be really thinking what this ‘Vaalu’ is all about, but when it comes to STR fans who earnestly yearned for their star on screens after 3 years, this would surely become a good treat to mention about.

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Vaalu – 100% for STR buffs

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