Varalaru Mukkiyam Movie Review

Varalaru Mukkiyam Movie Review

Varalaru Mukkiyam Movie Review

Actor Jiiva’s Varalaru Mukkiyam had clearly indicated the film’s premise with the visual promos. It was so evident that it’s a cheeky comedy caper that has a plethora of tongue-on-cheek humour. A sincere projection that it’s not a family entertainer, but something that will appeal to the interests of audiences, when watched individually…

The story opens with the year 2050, where an aged uncle (VTV Ganesh) narrates his flashback to feeble version of Chris Gayle (Naan Kadavul Rajendran). He reveals about a happy-go-lucky guy (Jiiva), who hampered his dreams of becoming a successful politician with his ludicrous deeds.

First things First! If you’re looking up for an intense film with a serious story premise or a family entertainer that speaks about emotions, then ‘Varalaru Mukkiyam’ is not your cup of coffee. Yeah! The film endorses an out-and-out mindless entertainer that kicks out the logic from the first scene itself. Significantly, the entire film banks its hope on the cheeky humour that comprises adult themes. Say for instance, the sequence involving Shah Raa, Jiiva and VTV Ganesh and the twist in getting hitched with Annakili is a rib-tickling moment. On the other hand, KS Ravikumar encountering his first love at the home is yet another funny sequence. The last 30 minutes is filled with funny moments. VTV Ganesh is the pillar of this movie. If any other actor was cast, this role would have been incomplete. The two heroines Kashmira Pardeshi and Prayaga Nagra are completely here for the glamorous appeal, and they have done what is required out for their roles. Actors Siddique, Saranya Ponvannan and KS Ravikumar are perfect casting. Jiiva always shines in the movies of this genre, and he does his portions neatly.

Shaan Rahman’s BGM is okay, but the songs lack his signature. Cinematography is appreciable too.

If you’re looking out for any minus, the double entendre stuffs and adult comedy tracks might not be cherry-pick for family crowds.

However, the makers having clearly exhibited what the film is all about, might not disappoint the fans, who choose to watch this movie.

Varalaru Mukkiyam Movie Review
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Verdict: A funny entertainer that will strike gold with teens

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