Yaakkai Movie Review

Yakkai Review
Yakkai Review

Yaakkai Movie Review

Directed by : Kuzhandai Velappan
Written by :Kuzhandai Velappan
Producer : Muthukumaran
Cast : Krishna, Swathi Reddy, Prakash Raj
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Editor : V. J. Sabu Joseph
Cinematographer : Sathya Ponmar
Production company : Prim Pictures
Running time : 127 mins

When we happened to the listen the song ‘Naan Ini Kaatril’ during the album release, we could find a sense of unique essence, where it talks about the song of soul mate, where the physical presence is mortal while the immortality of true love. Over here, while watching the film though the placement might not be an exact depiction, we can find it spread over with the backdrops of this film. The film ‘Yaakkai’ is directed by Kulandai Velappan who before years made his debut directorial with the film ‘Aanmai Thavarel’, which despites carrying good theme and narration didn’t make it up with the positive response in box office. The film touted to be a medical thriller speaks about unexplored medical crime.

The film centers on young happy go lucky chap (Kreshna) who falls in love with a beautiful girl (Swathi), who studies in the same college. As both start sharing a wonderful bond of love in relationship, an unexpected upheaval strikes up with misery into the life of Kreshna as he see his girlfriend hit to death by an accident. But what he discovers lately in time is that it wasn’t an accident, but a premeditated murder? Now he sets out to explore the mystery behind the death of his ladylove and settle the scores on revenge.

It’s a season of lots of medical crime thrillers and this weekend has one more film of this genre – Kuttram 23. This one deals with a different theme, where it revolves around the rare blood group –H Positive. Although the film consists of a good backdrop or premise, yet again, the basic problem occurs with the method of storytelling, the interest plot points involving the death of Radharavi and Swathi, the way it is connected through the former’s son Gnana Somasundaram of Joker fame are appreciable, but the contents in between these dramas are not substantial. With ‘Love’ staying into the theme as major backdrop, the film lacks of romantic quotients, which the director could have drawn some life into.

When it comes to performance everyone in the cast have done a brilliant job. Kreshna has given his best till the date with this movie. Swathi as cute and innocent girl sleepwalks in her acting. Prakash Raj expresses his stellar performance, but then his role could have been offered yet substantiality. Gnana Somasundaram is a special surprise with his villainous act, but in few places his slang of English doesn’t fit the space.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs and background score are appreciable. But the cinematography by Sathya Ponmar adds up more intensity to the narrative aspects and even in songs. But the editing by V.K. Sabu Joseph could have been better as it doesn’t gain our attention. If the film had a better and yet more gripping narration, it would have definitely been on a higher scale of attraction.

Yaakkai Movie Review
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Yaakkai : A well picked story that slightly lacks nitty-gritty thrill elements.

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