Yaan Movie Review

Yaan Movie Review

Production: Elred Kumar, Jayaraman
Cast: Jiiva, Thulasi Nair, Nassar, Prakash Raj
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Ravi K. Chandran
Music: Harris Jayaraj

Ravi K Chandran, one of the ace cinematographer who worked in top films in multiple languages, made his directorial debut with a film “Yaan” featuring Jiiva & Thulasi in lead role. With the well-known lead and powerful technical crew, Ravi played safely that the film definitely stand in a place even it fails to strike the chord in one or other aspect.

A Decent attempt to say at the least! Jiiva gets a youthful role and he did justice. Good dialogue delivery and dance, his 1st half costumes were so colorful. Thulasi Nair is definitely not a heroine material. Other characters – Nasser, jeyaprakash and Karuna Karan are good.

Harris Jayaraj music – as expected songs are copied from his own previous movies, BGM is good, ‘Latcham calorie’, ‘Nenje Nenje’ songs are pick of the album.

Cinematography by Manush, he gets a pass mark in camera work – beautiful visuals throughout the film. He makes the frame stylish to look and very young.

Direction department was handled by Ravi.K.Chandran. Good story, but screenplay fails especially in second half. First half was enjoyable, last half an hour could have been much better, lot of logical flaws in this lengthy film.

Yaan – ” Once watchable to kill time! “

Our rating ––>  2.5/5

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