Kaaviya Thalaivan Extensive Breakdown

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Kaaviya Thalaivan Extensive Breakdown

Direction : Vasanthabalan G
Production : YNOT Studios
Cast : Siddharth, Prithviraj, Nassar, Vedhicka, Anaika Soti
Music : A.R. Rahman
Cinematography : Nirav Shah

Kaliappa Bhagavathar (Siddharth)
Gomathi Nayagam Pillai (Prithviraj)
Sivadas Swamigal (Nassar)
Vadivambal (vedhicka)
Rangamma (Anaika Soti)

A period classical film from Vasanthabalan with the combination of Rahman, Nirav Shah. Other than that, do you need anything more to watch out for a movie? Songs already a HIT and it is in the favorite playlist for long. Now the film got released and going well as expected. Lets deep dive in and make the movie set in our minds again.

From the title card itself, the screen transforms to a stage with curtains at two sides. Beauty is those curtains moves as if wind blows which gives a reality feel. Music starts from there itself with rhythmic intro from Mridangam & jingles make you to shake your heads and mind prepared to go beyond independence years.

Kaaviya Thalaivan Extensive Breakdown

Film starts with flashback which take place in preindependence era where Prithviraj narrates the story.

Vaanga Makka Vaanga:

A intro song for the film as well as lead artists which showcase their ground preparation for the stage show, promotion, adv papers, trials, photographs etc. A fast song with fast visuals. Best intro song from Rahman and this will make you to get involved with the film theme. Costumes and colors splashed on the screen, beautiful to watch. As it is a movie about the life of stage drama show performers, bright colors are the integral part and this has been shown with more vibrant everywhere throughout the film.

Vaanga Makka Vaanga

Gomathi vs Kaali:

Very first dialogue between the lead actors and the most important one too which says their each individual characters how they have been portrayed. Prithviraj excessive desiring behavior and Siddharth unique thinking from the usuals are well deceived by a single dialogue which will be realised later in the movie. Siddharths words “Evanum yen nadippa paakka theva ila, naa anga poitanu therinchale pothum” a notable one.

Gomathi vs Kaali

Arunagirinathar’s Tiruppugazh explanation scene:

When Nassar ask the explanation for the rhythmic word “Murugone” where Prithviraj answer it as a common man and then Siddharth right explanation even make us to shock the power of tamil words used by our ancient poets. And again “Kariyin Thunai” where siddharth answer “Iruttukku Piragu Suriyan varra maathiri Karuppana pillayaaruku piragu sigappana Murugan Piranthaar” amazing one. Here they start showing Gomathi’s anger towards Kaali though it is already there in Gomathi’s mind. Also in parallel, they show a making of Ravanan art whenever Gomathi’s jealous grows against Kaali in each scene and it will be completely in full fledged art when Gomathi become out of control against Kaali.

Arunagirinathar’s Tiruppugazh explanation scene

Tiruppugazh song :

Vedhicka, a simple yet beautiful next door girl perfectly fit for the period movie and her intro in this film with legend Vani Jayaram voice. A very tough song even to pronounce the words and sure an expertise needed to get the real meaning of Tiruppugazh poem song and the refreshing voice of vani jayaram with this song a divine touch. Rahman’s simple veena and mirdangam adds flavours to it. Love blossoms for Gomathi on first sight. Thambi Ramaiyah dialogue after the song, a quick laugh riot.

Tiruppugazh song

Anaika Introduction:

Immediately after the first heroine and a song, next one with Anaika. She is very young, cute and innocent. Though the songs come frequently it will not bore you since they show it part by part in short and with dialogues and scene oriented visuals in between and ofcourse Rahman there to add honey to ears.

Anaika Introduction

Vanthanam and Allivarugiral:

While the Raja family enters the show, Vanthanam, a typical welcome song and siddharth dance movements gel well with music. Alli varugiral consecutively the next song in stage where Prithviraj as Alli itself is cool. There Kaalis love for Princes blossoms and the lyrics suit for Alli on stage and also for princess who watch the show too get attracted. For Kali too, it is love at first sight on princes, but Vadivambal falls for Kali.

Vanthanam and Allivarugiral

Kaali’s Patriotic Base:

Post interval, Kali’s sudden full time involvement on Swedes Dramas are justified in few scenes that he has already inner thoughts fully on freedom fighting against British. That is showcased in visuals of few dramas and in Alli song too with dialogue inbetween and Nenju Porukudhillayae song. Though the song situation not come in the drama, he drives as Suthesi song against British rule which implies strongly that he has the spirit for freedom fighting.

Kaali’s Patriotic Base

Sandi Kuthirai:

One of the funny enjoyable song in stage where the artist expressions and costume make you laugh. A experimental song where Rahman used different instruments that you will hear uniquely when coming out at speakers. Properties used as per in lyrics in this comical song is different and attractive.

Sandi Kuthirai Song

Vadivu’s Srepat Act:

Nirav shah’s & Rahman work cant be explained in specific scenes. They were everywhere in the movie and you can uniquely see their work. At a house, when Kaali ask vadivu to act, there the lighting from the hole at the top and their face shining, good to see in frame. When she put all the jewels, vedhicka looks gorgeous.

Vadivu's Srepat Act
Vadivu’s Srepat Act

Soorapathuman Act:

One of the highlighting scene of the movie. To act for a dialogue delivery and when Prithviraj do it, we almost stick to his act and his body language and his roaring make us to freeze. And next, when the same to be performed by Siddharth, we thought of what more he going to do with his amul baby’s look after the Prithvi’s thunder performance. He starts with a silent base voice and then the slow pickup and laugh, voww there is always another way around. Rahman BGM for both are different and give hands for the voice and feel to project in front.

Soorapathuman Act - Prithviraj
Soorapathuman Act – Prithviraj
Soorapathuman Act - Siddharth
Soorapathuman Act – Siddharth

Aye Mr Minor :

Though the romantic portions between Kali and princess doesn’t give a love feel, songs do their work atleast. Settings and Big forts are the only thing we can give a grand visuals for a period flick, but here only the front portion of a building and inner rooms were only shown. With that they managed to finish the entire song. Instruments and tune perfectly fit in for a 60s feel.

Aye Mr Minor Song

Guru Saabam :

One of the crucial scene. Naasar’s outstanding act come out very well. Siddharth equally good too. when Gomathi takes the lamp, there comes the Rahman’s scintillating BGM which is too good. Again when Kaali comeback and fight for vadivu scene, good acting. In these two scenes, Siddharth acting is like vera level.

Guru Saabam - Siddharth
Guru Saabam – Siddharth
Guru Saabam - Nassar
Guru Saabam – Nassar

Sollividu Sollividu :

Song come like Arjunan sings for to stop the war where there is no song in the original drama. One of the best song of the album and Rahman played well with drums and symphone archestra. Towards the end, the solo voice without much music is too soulful singing.

Sollividu Sollividu Song

Transformation to Patriotism:

Slowly film takes the different route. Though few scenes have already came to show the patriotic thoughts of kali, sudden change of the theme, made to raise so many questions in mind. Even there is no much life in the freedom fighting. Film there after goes like patriotic drama and a revenge drama.

Transformation to Patriotism
Transformation to Patriotism

Yaarumilla :

Dream song when the movie is going in a tense feel. Song main attraction is lighting. settings and lights used are too good and in the dark shades, the lead pair alone shine like anything. Rahman magical song with schewats’a mesmerising voice make us to go for a real dream.

Yaarumilla Song

Kaali vs Gomathy:

Though we can able to guess it, still the two overtake other in acting in the climax dialogue. When Prithiviraj talks, even the audience feel how pain he has in his mind and his expression and tone make us to feel like that. At the chasing and pistol scenes too, Nirav work stands out separately.

When you come out of the theatre, you will not have much impact or any hard feelings. But when you think of the film and the songs, you will sure like a lot and make you to go for again. Real Kaaviyathalaivan in this flick is Rahman and Nirav. Prithviraj-Siddharth-Naasar second the same. Hats-off to Vasantha Balan for taking our ancient art and stage shows to our eyes in a cinematic approach.