IT what works and what not

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IT what works and what not

After the successful running of the movie with mixed reviews everywhere, we come here to you of what works in the movie and what not!

A bunch of kids who fear for ghost makeover in everything they see weird, comes across with a real ghost to hunt them. Whether they overcome their fear and defeat it is all about IT.

IT what works and what not

A concept of what we fear for in childhood comes alive as imagination and you never know what is real until you are alive!

Soundtrack, cinematography and kids makes this movie a different one though it has minimal scary moments or jump scares where one expect them more in a ghost film! 


Adult humours from kids, initial paper boat scenes, clown transformation, pumping background music, kids performance, climax works well. 




Movie takes more time to settle and travel into the core. Until half of movie one never know where the movie is travelling.

Basic ghost elements and scary moments are missing which is a very big disappointment for a set of audience who came with some expectations!


Sometimes ghost movies are more interesting and entertaining than the ghost elements in it!