Terminator Genisys Movie Review

This terminator version has taken a different route from its series, rather than showing prequel or future as it is, they used time travel machine to travel back and forth in timeline and thats enough for a concept to confuse audience a bit and sit them tight.

Film started at the judgement day and immediately movie picks up to the core concept and give us the one liner of the movie at the very earliest. At the judgement day, skynet fall down and the only way for the machine to succeed is to change the past and they planned to send a terminator to kill sarah so that john conner would never have born and this judgement day would never come. John conner knew this and he sends kyle to past to save sarah. What happens in the past and what is genisys is explored further in the movie.

Movie begins in 2024, travelled to 1984 and then 2017. As it has dealt with past, there are moments where sarah get to know about his affair, kyle meet himself as a little boy, John connor meets his parents before he born are nice talkie portions involved in this.

Terminator this time has taken a 3D route and there are many scenes to help hands for 3D sequences and sounds are powerful where theater vibes at times. Free way chase, jump shots from top angle, Bridge scenes, climax are having awesome effects in CG.

On the whole, unlike previous 2 versions, terminator will not disappoint his fans and Arnold is great in his performance. Film never slow down at any time and didnt mess up too with timelines, it has its limits in all and give us a decent movie of terminator series.

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Terminator Genisys : Time Travel back to its peak level!

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