5 factors that prompt Thoonga Vanam – A must watch film

5 factors that prompt Thoonga Vanam – A must watch film
5 factors that prompt Thoonga Vanam – A must watch film

Kamal Haasan’s Thoonga Vanam! Just the word ‘Go’ on the floors with scintillating first look posters and everything that involved the fast paced shooting kept us hooked towards it. Now with just four more days left for the film to release, there are 5 strong factors that immensely instigate us to not miss this film.

1. Roller-coaster experience – Well, the couple of trailers have proved it all that you’re sure to get bound to an impeccable roller-coaster ride. The complete film will be keeping us edge-seated with no moments to sit back and relax.

2. Running length – Could you imagine, Kamal Haasan had abruptly deleted 25 minutes from the final version to make the film crisper and not let the sluggish experience beat down the raciness? The 129 minutes will be bore-free spangled with action and adrenaline rush.

3. Star-spangled bonanzas – Almost everyone in the cast are empowered with ne plus ultra performance and they would surely have a big bang show to offer. Be it Kamal Haasan, Prakash Raj or Trisha, they all more to offer here.

4. The mysterious statement of Trisha – In her recent interview, Trisha had mentioned that Kamal Haasan and director Rajesh have included a surprise element that has never happened between a protagonist and female lead actor in any Indian film. They have not even revealed a minute of its detail in the trailer or promotional videos.

5. Emotional thriller – A thriller is always praised for its exclusive treatment of raciness, but when it gets blended with emotional appeal, it gets the entire plot elevated and such is Thoonga Vanam, where the story is about a father going in search of his abducted son.