3 reasons why women will love Ajith Kumar’s Vedalam

Ajith Kumar – Shruthi Haasan starrer Vedalam is all set for a big bang release on the festive occasion of Diwali. The fans have already started showing up their exhilarations in a much unceasing manner, where the jubilations across the country are beyond the usual scenario for an Ajith film. In fact, the fans club at Mumbai have already managed to organize early morning show on Diwali day. Meanwhile, we bring you 3 good reasons why female audiences will love this film.

1. As we hear from some of the proficient sources, there are punch dialogues uttered by Ajith Kumar, which is substantially based on advice to respect women and protect them.

2. Shruthi Haasan is reported of having the best characterization on pars with other lead actors. Lakshmi Menon is indeed playing a significant role in this film, where the entire plot and twist comes through her characterization.

3. Brother-sister sentiments have always been receiving the red carpets spread out unconditionally. Especially, when mass heroes like Superstar Rajnikanth, Vijay and Ajith Kumar have it embellished, the unconditional emotions are sure to sprout up.