1. Starving Atharva for this role :

Actor Atharvaa has spent a lot of time and energy in developing the six pack physique. He had to start for months for particular scenes. It looks like Atharvaa finally has got something to explore more about his potentials.

2. Sri Divya – the pretty angel

Sri Divya has bagged almost some of the biggest projects in the queue. Eeti offers her more cope than just merely being a baby doll for dream songs. Moreover, the onscreen chemistry between Atharvaa and Sri Divya is sizzling up.

3. GV Prakash’s musical bonanzas

In spite of his busy schedules as a music director and actor, GV Prakash has managed to offer something more colossal in this film. The background score would be one more highlighting trait.

4. Basic plot is appealing

Athlete meets underworld – that has been the promotional tag that makers have it all done, increasing the hype and expectations. In fact, the theatrical trailer has impressed universal audiences enlightening them what the film is all about.

5. Engaging screenplay

Makers of this film strongly believe that the screenplay has been crafted in a much engrossing manner. It seems that audiences will be hooked from beginning till the end.