5 Reasons To Why Karthi’s Kaithi Will Find Big Crowds In Theatres
5 Reasons To Why Karthi’s Kaithi Will Find Big Crowds In Theatres

5 reasons to why Karthi’s Kaithi will find big crowds in theatres

Karthi starrer Kaidhi is hitting screens tomorrow (October 25) and we at Studio Flicks bring you 5 good reasons to watch the movie.

Lokesh Kanagaraj – Man of Content

The filmmaker on his directorial debut ‘Maanagaram’ proved that he is a man with good content and this evidently brims us with more hopes. In addition, getting to direct a top league actor like Thalapathy Vijay on the third outing itself is a bigger stroke, which happens to be an additional attraction for the movie.

The scintillating and crisp cut trailer

The trailer that was recently launched is filled with a perfect package of what the film is all about. It is evident that there is going to be fun and thrill. More than all ,there is emotion in the movie.

Dream Warrior Pictures – A Hub of Decent Family Entertainers

So far, the films made by Dream Warrior Pictures SR Prakash Babu and SR Prabhu have garnered good reception from the family audiences. They have been concerned about making decent contents.

The top-notch technical department

More than the narrative aspects in Maanagaram, Lokesh Kanagaraj and his team was highly praised for the technical team. The making style in ‘Kaithi’ that is evident through the trailer ensure that it’s going to be a good experience in theatre. Not to miss the background score by Sam CS, which is going to be an additional attraction in the movie.

Karthi, Narain and powerful star-cast

In the recent times, Karthi has refrained from routine commercial entertainers and has opted to be a part of movies that are based on contents. For a well established hero, it’s really surprising to see that he is arriving with a movie that has no heroine, romance and songs.