Adithya Varma Sneak Peek 1
Adithya Varma Sneak Peek 1

5 reasons why Aditya Varma will be a ‘Romantic Saga’ of this season

Dhruv-Banita starrer Aditya Varma, a remake of super hit and critically acclaimed ‘Arjun Reddy’ is all set for worldwide release on November 22, 2019. We at Studio Flicks bring you 5 good reasons to watch the film.

Dhruv has become the charmer of youth groups:

Much alike his father, when he had a breakthrough with ‘Sethu’, his son-actor Dhruv has already become the charmer of youth groups. The actor has already found a huge fan base even before the release of his debut film.

Chiyaan Vikram’s involvement:

One of the major reasons, why the film will be a big hit is that Dhruv’s father-actor Chiyaan Vikram is vigorously promoting the film all over the places. He is leaving no stone unturned over nurturing the film during its promotional phase.

The original and remake success:

This is one of the biggest factors, where the original version ‘Arjun Reddy’ turned to be a blockbuster hit followed by the successful remake in Hindi titled ‘Kabir Singh’. With both these versions striking a bigger spell, the expectations over the remake in Tamil ‘Aditya Varma’ has maximized.

The basic theme is very promising:

Love stories laced with caste issues always arrive with the rural based backdrop stories. But this is quite an exception as it is set in urban city. This will be offering a newfangled experience to the audiences.

Just an adaption, but not a remake:

It is distinctly said that Aditya Varma is not a remake, but just an adaption, where the basic premise has been taken and some changes have been made accordingly.