Aadai Movie Review
Aadai Movie Review

Aadai Movie Review

In the recent times, Amala Paul has been consistently experimenting with newfangled roles and scripts. It is very much evident with the lineup of movies she has been doing it. In particular, Aadai captured everyone’s interest right with the official announcement and the first look posters were much more enticing. However, filmmaker Rathnakumar has something much different to showcase here, which is entirely different from his erstwhile movie ‘Meyaadha Maan’.

The story revolves around a devil-may-care natured girl, who at the peak of her huddled state finds herself out of control and next morning wakes up to see that she is alone and naked. What actually pushed into such a shocking state forms crux of the story.

It is worth mentioning that the story is based ‘Nangeli’ who had cut off her breasts which created an impeccable history. Filmmaker Rathna Kumar has imparted the best on sticking to the film’s subject it focuses even on the minutest thing about the women’s outfits and cultural inhibitions. At the same time, what should be the limitations of a women freedom has been really depicted in a good manner. Freedom with Responsibility happens to be the core message of this film. Amala Paul has executed her performance with a much appealing spell. The actress has exerted the best of her emotions through hilarious and at the same time as a frightened women. VJ Ramya and Vivek Prasanna have given their best into the show of performances. Musically, the songs aren’t much appreciable, but the BGM gets it due attention. Filmmaker Rathnakumar has does a good writing by the first hour, but sooner as the story proceeds into the second half, it turns out to be a kind of preachy one. Cinematography happens to be one of the strong attractions in the movie..

Overall, there are some diversions in the script that comes through police-thief comedy sequence and the unwanted songs too. However, Aadai remains to be a good and exceptional one that is worth watching.

Aadai Movie Review
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Verdict: Daring attempt that is neatly executed

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