Aadai Music Review
Aadai Music Review

Aadai Music Review

Amala Paul’s Aadai has been instilling the best of its kind impression from the point of its title announcement followed by a huge roar of reception through the teaser and trailer. Now Studioflicks brings you the exclusive Aadai Music Review.

Nee Vaanavilla
Vocals: Shakthishree Gopalan
Lyrics: Bharath Shankar

A hard-hitting number that comes so much encapsulating the magnanimous enthrallment and compounded with Shakthishree Gopalan’s voice. The lyrical notes by Bharath Shankar is so much philosophical and it gives an immense appeal that takes you for delve into the different world. Bharath Sankar’s Keys are outstanding while Jhanu Chanthar’s Guitar chords are really mind-boggling with Pradeep Kumar’s Bass adding the right impact along with Tapass Naresh’s percussions.

Oru Naal
Singer: Pradeep Kumar
Lyrics: Rathnakumar

So much of reality inclined lyrical song that gets so much clarity with the rendition of Pradeep Kumar. There are many lines where we can reflect upon. The lyricist Rathnakumar, who happens to be the director of this film as well has given out an impactful number. The song gets a good effect with the instrumentals being underplayed, thereby giving good clarity for the vocals.

Singer: Bharath Sankar
Lyrics: Bharath Sankar

This takes us for a retro-ride, where we get to see that the music is so fresh and again, Bharath Sankar outshines as both composer and lyricist. The way the lyric video has turned up is yet another highlighting trait of the song.

Aadai Theme Music

It all starts off with a silent and slow mode that instantly turns into a good orchestral superimposition. It encompasses sadness and melancholy together, which is sure to have a decorous impact on the big screens along with the visuals.

Overall, Aadai has something more intriguing when it comes to the unconventional spell from Pradeep Kumar and Oorka band, which will surely be recognized to the greatest extent when seen with the visuals.

Aadai Music Review
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Verdict: Commendable effort from Pradeep Kumar that works out well.

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