The day I was narrated the story of Thiranthidu Seese by director Nimesh warshan. I was told it’s a double heroine subject one is played by the actor Dhanshika and the other is played by me paired to Mr. Veeravan Stalin and the way he narrated the story to me was so entertaining I could visualize a comedy thriller and a thorough entertainer, during shoot my Co artistes Veeravan Stalin sir, Dhanshika and Narayan were so much fun to work with.

Director Nimesh gets what he has in his mind straight into the artistes he is a very talented director. There are two songs in the movie. I am featured in one of the songs which is a melody and soothing number. I enjoyed playing my character Dhivya and it was even more joyful watching it on screen, I am very excited about the release and really look forward to all your support .