Atharvaa Murali – Unwrapping the craftsmanship of ‘Gem In I’

Invigorations and self-assurance imbibed aplomb nature apparently defines his charismatic appeal. A focused state of mind with no hurries to make abrupt choices on par with unconditional cognizance over not missing the absolute cherry-picks… It cannot get better than these superlatives to delineate the present state of mind for Atharvaa Murali – The charming chocolate boy, who is often defined by his directors and producers as ‘A blunt catalogue of power house performance’. His line ups running in monstrous numbers with heavy spotlights turned upon them: Semma Botha Aagatha, Rukkumani Vandi Varudhu, Imaikka Nodigal and Othaikku Othai, he keeps his fingers crossed over his upcoming film ‘Gemini Ganesanum Suruli Rajanum’ scheduled for this Friday release.

Atharvaa with Soori
Atharvaa with SooriAtharvaa with Soori

With every project sounding unique right with its title, what keeps him so much emblazoned with GGSR? Ask Atharvaa and he opines, “Right from the beginning of my career, I have been consciously a part of movies based on different genres, but ‘Comedy’ was alien to me until Gemini Ganesanum Suruli Rajanum happened. It isn’t just a mere movie to me, but offered an intense enlightenment that comedy isn’t more a doubtful zone, but something I can get it executed well.”

Having been a part of some unconventional movies from the very beginning of his career, especially a painstaking one like Bala directorial ‘Paradesi’, Atharvaa utters that he had a long time desire to act in a comedy film. “It generally happens that when a film clicks well over its results on critical and box office parameters, an actor isn’t embraced by praises, but is confined to a rigid scenario of getting similar roles and scripts. Especially, when a film like Paradesi happened, I came across similar script books bundled up for narration. Things were same with my other films. But when I decided to act in a comedy film, I happened to come across many scripts with a cumbersome situation of not sparking up laughter anywhere. If I myself am not able to get the funny bones tickled, the predictions were blatant on what is gonna happen in theatres.”

So how did the ice get broken? The high-spirited Atharvaa clamps up an earnest verdict revealing that few minutes into the script narration by filmmaker Odam Ilavarasu, the actor was pretty sure that he is definitely going to be a part of this project.

Well, the film cannot be confined to the walls of ‘Rom-Com’ for Atharvaa strongly connects with ‘Romance’ as a genetic gift. “Ah! My father’s films have been synonymous to some of the best ageless love stories, where he never expressed his emotions to his girls. There happens to be a particular situation in the film, where his emotional chartbuster ‘Idhayame Idhayame’ has been placed and all credit goes to director for placing it rightly,” says Atharvaa.

GGSR Family
GGSR Family

He jocularly continues to add that with the title ‘Gemini Ganesan’, it’s unjust if he is going to romance just a heroine. Ask him about the characterizations of these beautiful and talented actresses (Regina Cassandra, Aishwarya Rajesh, Pranitha and Aaditi Pohankar)? He offers a smile with a simple answer, “It would be a spoiler, if I am gonna reveal it. Just find it by yourself on the big screens. All these heroines have been really brilliant with their performance and I felt better-off working with them.”

It was time to ask him how his father had influenced him over his career. “To be precise, I was never inspired or influenced by my dad’s films. Just even a thought of acting in some of his remakes would be an unjust act. He would often tell me not to watch his films,” says Atharvaa, who concludes on an emotional note that he is missing his father adding, “I am not sure what my father would have told me after viewing my films…”

Much more than the fascinating chemistry that he would sizzle up with his heroines in GGSR, Atharvaa cannot stop raving about his experience sharing the screen space with Soori. “It was a state of complete elation and his spontaneous witticism keeps everyone on high laughter. His ability to conceive innovative elements pulls up best results in his humour. He has reused my famous ‘Nyayamaare’ from Paradesi in this film, which will have its peck of fun. I am a huge fan of his Pushpa Purshan character and it’s been a long run dream to share the screen space with him, which is accomplished with this movie.”