Bharathiraja and Simran launched Satori Calendar 2016

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One of the leading names in photography, Satori Studio, is the brainchild of ace photographer, Subashini Vanangamudi and has been exploring various concepts in the art of portrait photography, growing from strength to strength every step of the way.

Yesterday, Satori is proud to present its very special venture in child photography, ‘the underwater photoshoot’ for the calendar of 2016. Legendary director Bharathiraja and actor par excellence, Simran was launched at Satori Studio (address) which was followed by a fashion show by the kids.

The calender concept focuses on potraits in water , the set is a water tank , with kids inside in half immersed water ..enacting different concepts such as tribals , fantasy , vintage etc scenarios . The calender explore the possibility of potraitat photography to the next level giving it a surreal touch yet on happy note . In future we are hoping to explore the same concept with celebrities also.