Chiyangal Movie Review
Chiyangal Movie Review

Chiyangal Movie Review

There are occasions, when some low-budgeted movies make a surprise visit to theaters and manage to steal our attention. They come in an unexpected manner and show up as a valuable one to watch out for. Chiyangal hitting screens this week will be one such illustration. The film comprising majorly of newcomers, among whom most of them are 50+ age group is sure to offer a pleasing experience.

The film is set across the foothills of Meghamalai in Theni, the story is about 7 aged men, who aren’t well taken care off in the families. With buried desires within, they decided to get it fulfilled.

The salient highlight of the film is that it doesn’t test your patience with unwanted drama. It has so much of naturalness in the tale and it never lets your attention fade away. If you’re keenly looking out for the twists and turns, there’s none here. It’s like you are taking a trip down the hillside village and witnessing some incidents. The performances are neatly exhibited. It might look like, some of them are amateur, but still the premise keeps you engrossed. Director Vaigarai Balan has done a good job with his narrative style. The fun elements are plenty, which is on par to the emotional aspects as well. The scenes that involves a old man being beaten to death for the sake of property and then a daughter-in-law ill-treating a man that leads to suicide. Such things literally put a heavy burden upon the audiences. The songs are just okay, but cinematography is a delight to experience.

This is a movie that lets the younger generation to look back and see on how they have been treating their elders in own families.

On the whole, Chiyaangal is a movie that has fresh and intense moments. You can prefer this show for a unique experience.

Chiyangal Movie Review
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Verdict: A realistic tale that endorses joy, pain and life values with good writing.

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