Ding Dong to go on floors from April

Ding Dong to go on floors in April
Ding Dong to go on floors in April

Joy star enterprises following their ready to release ‘Aagam’, and the under production ‘Karam’ launched their third project in Chennai today. Titled ‘Ding Dong’ this horror flick will commence shooting in April. Ding Dong will be a Bilingual film.

‘Ding Dong’ will be an absolute change over film from regular films. It is based on a real life incident. We are introducing Jinesh an enterprising and promising youngster. His commitment and passion will pave way for a glorious career. Saran who had excelled as a cinematographer in the critically acclaimed Vidiyum mun is the camera man for this film too. His knowledge and passion will enlighten the prospect of this film. We are on the verge of discussing the other technicians, and the cast. We will begin the shoot of ‘Ding Dong’ by April’ said producers Koteeswara Raju, and Hema Raju.