Draupathi Movie Review
Draupathi Movie Review

Draupathi Movie Review

DirectorMohan G
Written byMohan G
ProducerMohan G
CastRichard Rishi
Sheela Rajkumar
CinematographyManoj Narayan
EditorDevaraj S
Production companyGM Film Corparation
Running Time159 mins

The prior to release phase of this film has been something more speculative. Especially, with the visual promos stirring off the issues that led to many confrontations, the film finally hits the screens. Starring Richard in lead role, the film has Karunaas playing an important role.

Set against the backdrops of Southern Tamil Nadu, the film is about a man, whose happy picture perfect family life is disturbed when his wife’s younger sister is cheated by a bunch of miscreants, where one among them in the name love and fake marriage at register ruins their lives.

There are couple of things that has to be taken into account while analyzing the film’s content. Of course, one happens to be the caste issues, which lets leave it to the hands of those debating it. Apparently, the other topic is about the issue that has been ruining many parts of our country, which is fake register marriage. The director has very handled the topic and has conveyed what he wanted through good clarity. On the flip side, the film’s length is too dragging, especially the penultimate sequence to climax is stretched out and the movie would have done better with a 2-hour version.

As on with performance, everyone has done a fabulous job and there’s nothing to criticize negatively. The background score is appealing.

When compared to the pre-release buzz that was high on its dosage, the film actually doesn’t have such a substantiality. Instead, there are few gripping moments and the basic theme borrowed for the film is appreciable.

Draupathi Movie Review
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Verdict: Good attempt and neat clarity, but comes with a stretched out running length

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