Ghajinikanth Movie Review
Ghajinikanth Movie Review

Ghajinikanth Movie Review

DirectionSanthosh P. Jayakumar
WriterSanthosh P. Jayakumar
ProducerK. E. Gnanavel Raja
Mukul Dev
MusicBalamurali Balu
EditorPrasanna GK
Production companyStudio Green
Running Time146 mins
Release Date03rd August 2018


A religiously pioneering ‘Adult’ filmmaker – Santhosh P Jayakumar seems to have become an interim atheist of it. Maybe, a statement from God Father ‘I have an offer you cannot refuse’ from K.E. Gnanavel Raja. With couple of relentless movies, which touched the peak of awkwardness among family audiences and stealth pleasure for teens, who would never confess to their parents, but might be an experience narrated to their own children of watching them.

So what about Ghajinikanth? A simple tale and an official remake of ‘Bale Bale Magadivoy’, which had an actor like Nani, who would turn an ordinary scene into a decorous enjoyable show in lead role. Spare us! Arya never struggles to achieve that status but instead remains mediocre in his act. But in places, his effortlessness indeed wins the appeal of audiences, which includes his innocuousness. Sayyeshaa Saigal owns the same factor of being an innocent girl and it suits her well too. Satish tries to evoke humour, but get his scope by the second hour. During the final moments, he carries the film on his efforts alongside Aadukalam Narain and Uma Padmanabhan. Nonetheless, the presence of Karunakaran and Naan Kadavul remain too average. They could have been utilized more finely…

On the technical part, the musical score by Balamurali Bala wins our attention. He has a special knack to impress the universal audiences with his BGM. Even the songs are enjoyable. The locations can be regarded as yet another special highlights in this film.

There are humorous episodes in the film (Thanks to the writer of Telugu version). Yes, they are pretty enjoyable. The first half proceeds with light moments and the reason why might not be a complete engrossing show is because the scenes are too repeated. Say for instance, the ringtone ‘Kya Re Setting a’ annoys you to the core after hearing it many times. These are the minutest things that Santhosh Should have rectified. But the second half gets a decent dose of humour in parts.

On the whole, Ghajinikanth is an entertainer, which despites having some minuses doesn’t irk you anywhere. If you’re preferring a time pass movie in situations, where there are no options, this one would be a good one.

Ghajinikanth Movie Review
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Verdict: Okay!!! Could be enjoyed in few places

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