Ghost Stories Movie Review

Ghost Stories Movie Review
Ghost Stories Movie Review

Ghost Stories Movie Review

Following a controversial and groundbreaking concept of ‘Lust Stories’, a collection of four short stories that gained the interests of crowds, Netflix is back associating with the same filmmakers – Karan Johar, Dibarker Banerjee, Zoya Akhtar and Anurag Kashyap for ‘Ghost Stories’.

The collection of four short stories revolves round the plot lines of nightmarish experience of a beautiful nurse at the estranged apartment where she has to take care of an old deceasing woman, a youngster who gets down from the rail by night time into a remote village to find couple of kids hiding from ghastly apparitions, a boy insisting his wife on first night of marriage to greet his invisible granny and a pregnant lady having the worst bizarre moments.

As abovementioned, these filmmakers are adorable for the kind of movies they have made and upgraded Bollywood’s stature. But to be honest, they are nowhere extraordinary with these horror movies and it looks like, they have signed the contract for a big money and have made a namesake attempt.

First and foremost, what’s more appealing about ‘Ghost Stories’ is the way the makers have technically packaged the movies with excellent technical aspects. We are directly taken back in time to those eras of ‘Ram Gopal Varma’ horror movies, where the way ambience is created and set up, creating the additional spookiness. In this collection of stories, we find them in myriad quantity and that’s the only major plus we can boast about it. When it comes to narrative parts, almost all these stories have a much predictable elements. Moreover, it looks like some of the stories actually resemble the ingredients of world famous horror flicks including the creepy crows from ‘Conjuring’, the eye popping dolls from Stephen King books. In most of the cases, we are given an easy guess to predict what next, which actually hampers our curiosity is.

On the whole, ‘Ghost Stories’ have nothing exceptionally exceeding for the diehard horror movie buffs. Watch it on some high quality surround system and big monitor, then there are chances for you to appreciate the technical aspects.

Ghost Stories Movie Review
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Verdict: Nothing special except for the big score for technical brilliance

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