Gorilla Movie Review
Gorilla Movie Review

Gorilla Movie Review

DirectionDon Sandy
WriterDon Sandy
ProducerVijay Raghavendra
Shalini Pandey
MusicSam C. S.
CinematographyR. B. Gurudev
Production companyAll In Pictures
Running Time128 mins
Release Date12th July 2019

By the first few minutes, Gorilla actually turns up to be a positively vibrant one. The comedic act put up by filmmaker Don Sandy and the characters essayed by Jiiva, Vivek Prasanna and Satish along with the Chimpanzee are neatly done. While the story keeps moving ahead with neat and precise narration, it falls short of perfection by the second half. The problem is not with the issue of ‘Agriculture and Farmer’ crisis inserted here, but Kollywood is now overdosed with such movies. Maybe, this creates an adverse reaction, where we don’t see much engagement. At the same time, this happens to be a theme, which might click well among the rural and sub-urban audiences. The story is about Jiiva and his group of friends along with a Chimpanzee setting out for bank heist mission.

On the first note, Don Sandy proves to be an expert with his writing hilarious lines. If he continues to travel on the same lines, he will surely become a prominent filmmaker of this entertainment zone. But the minus is getting into the serious element by the second half. Maybe, the film’s plot was conceptualized before few months and it’s release after many movies consisting of same themes. Jiiva gives a decent performance, but he can deliver much more enthralling ones. Vivek Prasanna is good as well, but he doesn’t get a substantive one. Shalini Pandey has been merely used for namesake banking on the previous success of ‘Arjun Reddy’ and has nothing special to perform. Satish, Yogi Babu and Naan Kadavul Rajendran are okay with their acts.

There’s nothing special to mark upon the technical aspects of Gorilla, for nothing is impressive than Sam CS’ background score.

As on whole, Gorilla has a good entertainment factor in places and Don Sandy’s technique of adding ‘farmer’ issues might get mixed reception. The positive aspect could be the farmers’ crisis reflected as it is an unceasing issue and on the flip side, it changes the story’s journey from fun into serious, which hampers the amusements.

Gorilla Movie Review
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Verdict: Okayish first half, which goes into slow and dragged mode in second half

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