GV Prakash and Anirudh on war for STR’s AAA

It is a well known fact that both Anirudh and GV Prakash are on the tug of war over the projects as they have been the most wanted by the leading actors and directors. Of course, with Hip Hop Tamizha already getting the best offers replacing them, the competition gets much bigger.

Well, everything is now happening on airs is all about the tough combat between GV Prakash and Anirudh. It seems that Aadhik Ravichandran has preferred GV Prakash to compose music for Anbaanavan Adangaadhavan Asaraadhavan. Nevertheless, STR feeling that this film must be a sensational hit and album has been insisting the name of Anirudh on board. But it is still yet to be confirmed on who’s gonna bag it all.