IT Chapter 2 Movie Review

It Chapter 2 Movie Review
It Chapter 2 Movie Review

IT Chapter 2 Movie Review

Having come across the sequels of Hollywood’s most celebrated franchises like Godzilla and Spiderman, it’s time to settle down with ‘IT chapter 2’. One thing that actually made the first part more engrossing and unforgettable was the makers going for exact reflection of Stephen King’s works rather than getting it infected with routine horripilating factors. It was definitely a different and unique experience for horror film buffs, who were really bored up with routine flicks of that genre. Well, this year’s Pet Sematary had a different dimension somewhat keeping the buffs’ spines chilled

IT Chapter 2 is a shift after 27 years, where those kids of ‘Losers Club’, who were trapped in own fears that gave life to a clown like demon and later fighting it down. They are now leading their own lives settled in different parts of the country until one among them Mike (Isaiah Mustafa), who is a librarian in same town. Now begins yet other encounters of these grownups with demonic clown again.

What’s so special about IT Chapter 2 is that the film is engaging despite the running length of 169 minutes. While major horror films would limit themselves with not more than 90-120 minutes, this one outshines with the stretch. The film offers those spine-shuddery moments at regular intervals and we don’t see the writing going anywhere vague or directionless. The episodes that traverse through the flashback of the little kids and now the grownups are nicely done. The twist that brings opens the actual conflict in Chinese Restaurant is the cherry pick and there are few more instances as such. Yes, there are few elements on the flip side as well. This includes the makers trying to match up with the routine horror movie elements, which they could have avoided. Naturally, Stephen King’s treatment is more than enough to evoke the Goosebumps and scariness to the rustic core. In addition, some of the counterparts of grownups don’t match well with those kids in first part, who gave more intensity to their roles.

Overall, IT Chapter 2 offers a decent experience for the ardent buffs of this franchise. If you’re watching this instalment without being aware about the previous one, please do watch it or try to get some info about it or else, Chapter 2 will be a middling fare for you.

IT Chapter 2 Movie Review
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Verdict: The ‘Losers Club’ yet again win our attention with IT Chapter 2, which keeps offering the perfect dose of what you expect at regular intervals.

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